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Build your own Website


You have been contemplating setting up your own website and you have made some general inquiries and you were immediately deterred by the high costs involved in web development.

We can provide you with a viable alternative that is low cost, all inclusive and easy to use. You will have the power to quickly and easily design your own website and have it online in literally minutes. That is the basics.

But say you want something more complicated like:

  • A Photo Gallery?
  • An Event Calendar?
  • Run several Blogs with varying topics?
  • A Shopping Cart (eCommerce) to take orders online?
  • Capture your visitor’s email address and send Regular Newsletters?
  • Run a Membership Site?

Now you can do all this and you do not require HTML knowledge nor do you require contracting a web developer to do so. You can do it easily with our Online Website Builder!

It features an easy Drag-and-Drop Interface with a WYSIWYG (What you see if what you get) Text Editor very similar to you standard Word Processor applications. You can even copy and paste text directly from MS Word document for instance.

Uploading photos and images are a breeze and adding, editing and modifying existing pages are easily accomplished with the click of a few buttons.

Each Online Website Builder Package is also a complete hosting package as well and if you don’t like the standard templates that comes with the package, we can design a custom built template for you based on your products, information or image.

We offer a Website Builder

Feel free to contact us for a demo account

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